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About us: Loss Control Consultants and More.

INRICO started in 2003 and has risk engineers that have an average of 20 years of experience in different industries servicing insurance companies, insurance brokers and businesses in over 30 countries in the Americas and other parts of the world. Our engineers have the necessary skills and tools for offering comprehensive risk engineering solutions that involve identification, assessment and evaluation of the different hazards that businesses face. They then work with these clients to identify cost-effective methods of dealing with such risks.

We are a loss control consulting firm that uses unique but practical solutions to all business risks including when performing Infrared Thermographic Surveys, Loss Investigations and Human Elements Reviews. Our engineers are passionate about what they do by fulfilling the needs of different clients in dealing with different risks. We offer comprehensive & flexible risk management solutions to enable businesses to attain their diverse goals at different times. All our services are backed by our strict compliance with various standards including insurance companies guidelines, NFPA standards, and the internal risk policies set by different clients.

We are located in San Juan, Puerto Rico and with engineers scattered all over Latin America, Canada, and in the US to deliver prompt solutions whenever called upon by clients. Our independent risk engineering services are flexible and competitively priced to meet the needs of organizations of different sizes and in different sectors. Our services are meant to deal with current and possible risks through different approaches. Whether you want to stop the reoccurrence of certain hazards or don't want certain hazards to jeopardize your operations, we can help you figure out a way of achieving your goals with minimal exposure to various risks.

Let us help you deal with the risks you are exposed to through our comprehensive independent risk engineering solutions that will improve your bottom line.
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