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Our services, including Infrared Inspections and Risk Mitigation Strategies

Since 2003, we have been offering a wide range of independent risk engineering solutions ranging to lending institutions, insurance companies and brokers and other industries to help them keep their exposure to risk minimal. We pride in offering flexible products and services that are aimed at increasing your knowledge of the risks that your business face in order to develop a mitigation strategy for the same. 

We have engineers spread over 30 countries in Latin America and other parts of the world to offer cost-effective solutions and give you a comprehensive report of your risk exposure and recommendations to help you deal with such risks. INRICO has engineers that have an average of 20 years of experience in offering a wide range of solutions for manufacturing, industrial, service and commercial risks faced by organizations in all sectors. 

Whether you are an insurance company, lending institution, a risk manager or an individual looking for a way to keep your risk profile low, we have a wide range of products and services to meet your different needs:

  •  Developing and analyzing underwriting reports
  •  Conducting loss prevention or loss control surveys
  •  Engaging in different risk assessments
  •  Undertaking infrared thermographic surveys
  •  Doing a business interruption analysis
  •  Generating and analyzing cope reports
  •  Doing loss estimates
  •  Preparing market reports
  •  Undertaking thorough loss investigations
  •  Performing casualty surveys
  •  Doing objective health and safety reviews
  •  Undertaking fact based project reviews
  •  Developing effective fire protection equipment specifications and design
  •  Undertaking new construction surveys
  •  Doing on-site inspection and testing for various fire protection systems
  •  Doing insurance CAD drawings for different clients
  •  Performing human elements reviews
  •  Offering site security desk reviews
  •  Performing insurance company recommendations reviews

We also offer on-site training course for different clients that choose to use our services. We customize each of the sessions to meet the needs of the information users of different reports and reviews. Our engineers will do everything possible to ensure that you understand everything you need to do to keep your exposure to different risks to negligible levels.
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